What Does Personalized Learning Mean for Students? 

Here is post, part of the blog series on personalized learning, focused on what it means for a student. In the post, there are real stories from students about their experiences in a school that have shifted to a personalized learning framework. Jack’s story was very moving! Below is an excerpt from the post.

To put it simply, personalized learning means that each student will have their learning needs met. Many schools begin the shift to personalized learning because they are responding by listening to conversations across their communities with students and their families who share their frustrations with the limitations of the current one-size-fits-all education system and want to see new approaches put into place. In other words, because students and families gain the most from the shift to personalized learning, they are typically the biggest drivers and advocates for these changes.

Source: What Does Personalized Learning Mean for Students? | Getting Smart

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