Possible Dangers in How We use Data in Our Schools

Susan Nueman states that “Our most vulnerable students are measured, examined, rubricked, labeled—and denied the meaningful instruction they need.” What a powerful statement! Below is an excerpt from her article where she discusses the real power of using data with our students…Using the data to inform our instruction! Very interesting take on how we use data.

Be “Data-Informed,” Not “Data-Driven”Schools

Should use student work to inform instruction, monitoring progress while maintaining a focus on teaching. In one of the schools we observed, for example, weekly grade-level meetings focus on examining students’ work. Gone is the examination of vast amounts of test score data. Rather, teacher teams use student work as data in action, asking themselves, “What are our key teaching points for the next week?” and then coming back the following week and asking, “Were we successful?” and if so, “How do we build on students’ learning?” Together, they talk about ways to support students who are struggling. These teachers describe what they do as data-informed teaching, recognizing that the purpose of monitoring student progress is to fine-tune instructional moves to enable all students to be successful.

Source: Educational Leadership:Disrupting Inequity:Code Red: The Danger of Data-Driven Instruction

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