Virtual Reality Classroom Walkthroughs #vrlesson – A.J. JULIANI

As we continue to look for meaningful and realistic ways to improve our practice, here is an example of how teachers can support each other. Although A.J. talks about a using 360 camera and mounting it in the room (I agree this a very cool!), setting up a camera on a tripod and/or asking a colleague to video works as well.

Learning walks have teachers going into their colleagues classroom for a lesson, to learn, observe, and eventually reflect on the type of instruction and pedagogy that took place.These are very short, often informal, learning opportunities for teacher to learn alongside their colleagues. I’ve said before that learning from each other is often the best way to grow as a teacher. Teachers do learn best from other teachers, and the learning walks have demonstrated a way to open up conversations about instructional practice that might not come up if you did not have that opportunity.

Source: Virtual Reality Classroom Walkthroughs #vrlesson – A.J. JULIANI

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