9 Reasons Every Educator Should Embrace Change

“Innovation requires a willingness to look at problems with new eyes, and to see challenges as opportunities. Students are going to need skills for their future beyond the academic achievement goals that have been the overwhelming focus of the past. To help students be future ready, schools will need to help students become adaptable learners.”

I find this quote from the author, which he wrote after reading The Innovator’s Mindset, very timely as we push forward with our initiatives. I often find myself thinking about this very topic, how to embrace and support change, and I realize how difficult change can be, especially in our profession. But the more I read about what future skills our students will need as the enter college and then the workforce, the more convinced I become that schools and educators need to embrace change that benefits our students. I think George Couros provides 9 compelling reasons to embrace and support change in our schools!

Source: The @DavidGeurin Blog: 9 Reasons Every Educator Should Embrace Change

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